Thursday, February 26, 2015


February 6, my dad had triple bypass heart surgery. I am beyond happy to report that the procedure has been a success and while Dad is expectedly dealing with the struggles that come with recovery from a major open-heart surgery, he is doing so so well!
Chris and I drove to Idaho Falls for the week following the surgery. Chris flew out to NYC for work for part of the week. The kids and I stayed in Idaho. I did not expect to say that the week following this procedure would end up being a great and even fun week, but it was. T and Evs went from house to house all week and were in Heaven playing with cousins, Dad was able to come home earlier than expected, and Mom decided to throw a Valentines/early bday for Evy/welcome home Papa party! :) During all this, we did our best to be sure Dad was as comfortable as possible. I think even he enjoyed sitting back and watching most of his grand kids play and celebrate together. 
Papa and Grandma B with all but 5 of their grandkids

Chris doing his things with the drone while the family looks on

Chris was in his happy place :)

Mom's party agenda: Pre-show- Chris fly the drone; dinner; "Pin the Heart on Papa"; bean bag toss, Valentine Bingo; and decorating cups. We sang to Evy and my sweet family all produced cute gifts for her last minute. The kids then all hurried outside to play night games with flash lights in tow.

Grandma B taking song requests from Evy
Caring for a new birthday toy
Quality shirtless, sucker time!

Syd, Carly, Quincy, Thomas

T had his first slumber party at the Potters. He even borrowed jammies.

One day- post surgery. He's darn amazing!

We love this amazing father of ours! What a strong and wonderful man he is. He has already been going back to work for a while each day. He doesn't want to be slowed down. I'm just grateful he's mine!

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